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Shelter Renovation and Expansion Project

Animal Shelter Renovation/Expansion Project

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The Potsdam Humane Society is renovating and expanding its Animal Shelter located at 17 Madrid Ave. in Potsdam, New York.

Plans for the new facility include the following:

  • 18 new dog kennels; and renovation of existing 16 kennels
  • 3 new puppy and kitten kennels; and renovation of existing nursery area
  • 1 new nursing mother and puppy kennel
  • New facilities for adoptable male and female cats
  • New dog and cat isolation rooms to keep potentially ill and healthy animals separated
  • New animal intake and screening room
  • New cold storage area
  • New administrative areas such as an educational training room, renovated reception area, and staff office
  • New outdoor dog exercise area

Estimated project cost is $1,000,000.  The project's budget details are available here.

The size of the Shelter after construction will be 5,861 sq. ft. which includes 3,823 sq. ft. of new construction and 2,038 sq. ft. of renovated space.

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